30.11.2018 – TENESO is one of the largest cross-border high-tech transport companies in Europe. Founded as a pan-European joint venture of Europe‘s leading service logistics companies, today TENESO offers an unparalleled range of services and transport with unmatched quality standards. Last November, TENESO Europe SE celebrated its 10th anniversary.

TENESO summarized
•European SE „Societas Europaea“ (stock corporation)
•Headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany
•Founded in November 2008
•Ten shareholders serve 25 countries in Europe

Customer structure
Around 80% of customers come from the medical technology sector. The other 20% come from the graphics industry or are manufacturers of other high-value products that require on-site delivery, positioning/installation at point of use.

Simon Hegele at TENESO
As one of the founding members, Simon Hegele manages a „Conso-Point/Cross-Dock“ for TENESO in Duisburg for a leading manufacturer in medical technology. Simon Hegele also provides extensive logistics services for the Austrian TENESO shareholder at the Duisburg location.

Continuous innovation for our customers
In 2018, TENESO custom designed the „Digital Co-operation Platform AX4“ for a leading medical device manufacturer. For this customer, the platform digitally maps and monitors the supply chain processes and events which occur in route from the European Distribution Center (EDC) in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) to the end-users’ final positioning sites in Europe.

“Our activity with the customer
starts where other service
providers leave off.”
Udo K. H. Scheffler
Managing Director TENESO SE