TENESO Meeting

16.03.2017 – TEchnical NEtwork SOlution So that high tech customers can continue to benefit from excellent integrated service. In 2009, different logistics service providers merged under the name TENESO Europe SE. The abbreviation stands for TEchnical NEtwork SOlution.

The network consists of the market leaders from each country and pursues the goal of offering integrated, high quality services to its European customers from the high tech industry. All partners can benefit from the locational advantages and networks of each of its partners. The joint enterprise is based in Karlsruhe. For the past six years, the GW business unit tectraxx has been one of ten shareholders in TENESO Europe SE, providing specialist services to both the local Austrian market as well as those of countries in Eastern Europe. TENESO sales and shareholder meetings are held regularly throughout the year, with the summer meeting being held in Vienna. These meetings serve both as a platform for defining and deciding new strategic objectives and for determining the direction in which TENESO will evolve. A key element of the meetings is to reach agreement between the providers from the different countries on how new customer projects can be successfully implemented across the TENESO network and to analyse the extent to which these findings might have useful implications for existing projects. The most recent meeting culminated with a debate on how the wide ranging technical expertise with in the TENESO confederation could be further consolidated and made readily available to all members