Above 10 years ... or 131 month ... or 3.650 days

18.09.2020 – By any measure, Billy Black has played a major role in building up and developing Teneso. He has quite rightly more than earned this new stage in his life.

We all know that praise and recognition are the driving forces for most of us to get things moving, motivate people and rise above ourselves – people who keep their sense of humour even in moments of stress and who are yet particularly productive and as solid as the rock of Gibraltar. And who can do all this both with colleagues and, of course, our customers.

It is precisely people such as these that a company such as Teneso needs in order to achieve its aims and provide positive input for its development. We are very glad and grateful to have been able to work shoulder-to-shoulder with such a great person as Billy for over 10 years to make TENESO what it is today: one of the largest transnational, high-tech transport companies in Europe.

We are definitely going to have our work cut out to fill the gap he leaves behind. But – off to new horizons! Billy will certainly do all this and enjoy it with passion.

On behalf of all Teneso employees, we wish Billy all the very best and hope that our paths will cross even more often in the future!

Best regards
The TENESO crew

Interne Verabschiedung bei TENESO in Raunheim im Juli 2020